Fee Schedule

All Share Accounts

If share balance is lower than the required minimum balance of $10.00

$5.00 per month

Inactivity Fee (per month) - No activity for 12 consecutive months - Waived if active Share Draft or Loan Account

$5.00 per month

Account Closing Fee


Check Cashing Fee

1% of check amount (waived with a minimum balance of $250 or with an active loan)

Returned Item Fee - (returned deposit)


Statement Copy Fee
Reprint of a statement

$2.00 per page

Statements pulled from Virtual Branch by member

No Charge

Wire Transfer Fee & Western Union Fee (incoming wire fees may vary)


Return Mail No Forwarding Address


Address change from Post Office


Research Fee (per hour; charged in 15 minute increments)

$20.00 per hour

Insufficient Electronic Transfers


Share Draft (Checking) and Business Share Draft (Checking) Account

Stop Payment (checks/ACH) - all checking accounts - notice required in writing
(see #15 in Membership and Account Agreement)


Stop Payment on a series of checks


Insufficient Checks (NSF)* - all checking accounts

$25.00 per check

Check Copies Fee

$2.00 per check

Paid NSF Check


Bill Paying Service Monthly Fee


Bill Paying Service NSF fee


Bill Paying Service Research Fee


Return Item Fee - Business Checking


Visa Debit Card Fees

Negative balance


Card Replacement


Sales Draft Copy


Rush Order (plus replacement costs)


ATM Photo Verification

Actual costs


Reverse a payment due to NSF check


Late charges

If you are more than 10 days late with your payment you will pay a late charge equal to 5% of the payment due with a minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of $25.00. Please refer to your loan contract for any other terms that may apply.

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